John McCallum & Googie Withers

Googie Withers and John McCallum have both been leading actors since the 1930s. Their careers have taken them to most parts of the English speaking world, and they have starred in countless works for the stage, film and television, frequently appearing together. John also became one of Australia’s most influential stage and television producers. This portrait was written shortly before John’s death in February 2010, when they had been married over 60 years, and were the world’s most celebrated theatrical couple.

Audio Extracts



Background to her first name


Dancing in her first show aged 16


Living in the London Underground in World War II


Performing in Antwerp during the D Day invasion of Europe



Being auditioned by Noel Coward


Background to the Tait brothers from JC Williamson


More on the Tait brothers


Australian premiere of My Fair Lady


My Fair Lady


Making the Skippy TV series