David Clarkson & Rachael Swain

Both New Zealanders, Rachael Swain and David Clarkson are founding partners and artistic directors of Stalker Theatre, arguably Australia’s finest physical theatre company. While originally established in New Zealand over 20 years ago, for most of its life Stalker has operated from Sydney. The work of its associated company of artists, Marrugeku, has been profoundly influenced by Australian indigenous culture and many indigenous artists have been involved as collaborators. All their productions are planned with an expectation of extensive international presentation. Despite constant struggles to find adequate funding, David and Rachael and their shows tour the world constantly to great acclaim.

Audio Extracts

David Clarkson


Elements of physical theatre


Performing as a mature artist


Celtic dreams and the sub-conscious


Theatre and what it is to be human


Context and traditions of physical theatre


Partnership values


Communication processes

Rachael Swain


Touring Mimi for Marrugeku


Maori influence in education


Privilege of funding to allow expression of ideas