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Many Faces of Inspiration is a book about remarkable people who have enriched artistic life in Australia. Some like Bruce Beresford, David Malouf or Ross Edwards have made a major impact on the world stage. Others are less well known, but the work of each one has been unique and highly creative.

Author Antony Jeffrey has recorded hundreds of hours of conversations with the people in this book and many others in the arts world seeking to understand how their creative process works, what motivates them and where their passions lie.

Having worked in the arts and around artistic people for many years, he has long been intrigued by the insights, motivation and processes of creative people. What is it that inspires certain people to do or make such extraordinary work; how does an artist’s imagination conjure up such unique images often beyond his or her life experience? Is there some intrinsic quality in an artist’s imagination and resultant work that is frequently transformative to the reader, listener or observer.

His method has been to allow each person’s voice to speak directly of his or her own thoughts and ideas. His self-imposed task was to give a context and shape to these thoughts, but not to make personal judgements on their work. In setting a context for each person’s experience, some biographical element is necessary, but he has avoided writing mini-biographies.

There is an extraordinary diversity in the temperaments and artistic achievements of the people who are the subject of Many Faces of Inspiration. Some are deeply philosophical, others are extrovert and great story tellers. Everyone has developed their talent in a different way; all are inspirational.

Listening to the speaking voices of these people adds an extra dimension to what is written in the book. Take time to listen to the extracts from the conversations and add you own thoughts to the blog.


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