Conversations on Australian Creativity
Antony Jeffrey has recorded conversations with 29 creative people for this book.
Listen to audio extracts from these conversations.

“These audio excerpts from the conversations are necessarily brief, but are frequently moving and provide fascinating insights into their artistic and life experiences. I apologise for the varied and often poor sound quality — they are not airbrushed in a studio.”

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Many Faces of Inspiration is a book about remarkable people who have enriched artistic life in Australia. Some like Bruce Beresford, David Malouf or Ross Edwards have made a major impact on the world stage. Others are less well known, but the work of each one has been unique and highly creative.

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Antony Jeffrey

Since 2002, Antony Jeffrey has recorded over 200 interviews with artists and arts people, driven by his curiosity and admiration for their creativity. Many Faces of Inspiration is a direct result of this work.

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